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Monday, June 27, 2005


Yes, weekend was ending as usual.. and the latest monsoon had added extra spice up the mumbai weather.Spent time usually with GF .. *weekends are dedicated for her..

But managed to squeeze in time for my old pals..We hit yesterday late night at Colaba, the heart of south mumbai...chilly winds .. heavy rains .. and a Mega MUG of beer .. to make the most of it ...sizzling "chilly chicken". The place "SPORTS Bar".. right below regal cinema.. the nights are always bright .. loud and fun..As soon as we enetered the place .. the strong odour of ciggarates hit..yeah.., it's a young and vibrant place.. It servers one of the best Drought Beer ;)
The Sports Bar , not a general description. Indeed, The Sports Bar was a sports bar; once you got inside past the guard, there was a row of booths on the left side of the room, each with its own flat-panel TV set into the wall. To the right, a long, diner-like bar sported mushroom-like stools and giant TV screens, all showing sports channel. To the back, there was a basketball cage in which you could shoot hoops. Then there was a POOL table , wherein a few negros and our own local lads were into a game.. the negros knew the game well..
After gulping down a couple .. the heavy mugs had made our arms stronger .. but the "STRONG" drought beer ..made us lighter..we decided to hop PUBS... next stop ..ROYAL cafe.. but unlucky to get a seat, as it was already full ... and I hate waiting outside the restaurent !
So next best CHOICE .. Cafe MONDEGAR .. yes, this place rocks with their unique JUKE BOX... but I still think .. SPORTS bar , plays more variety of music.Mondegar .. was crowded.. but I felt good... yes, I was in mumbai..A funny slogan printed on a t-shirt there
"Reality is an illusion caused by Alcohol Deficiency!" ;)

it was a welcome change .. had got boored with Cafe IDEAL which is bang in front of girgoan chowpatty..
next 2 weekends ..I have my exams ... so won't be able to update my blog soon !

till then .. cheerio !

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