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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Kiss guide


- Brush ..and rinse ur mouth , if u had .. garlic or some strong smelly meal/snack
- Breath normally
- wet ur lips (by tounge) before the kiss
- maintain eye contact, have a 20-30 sec pause , by holding your partners face in your hand, before kissing
- French kiss – tounge swirling and exploring.. Let ur imagination take u places.
- Saliva is sweet and enjoy that intimacy with the tip of ur tounge.
- A small moist kiss on lips.. Can be as a starter.
- Kiss on a cheek, may be good for stating that u adore ur partner
- Use ur hands affectionately….
- Sudden, quick kiss which suck out the air .. can be fun
- A chocolate or ice-cream scoop before a kiss can add more flavor and excitement
- Even a tangy lemon will be more fun …
- Long kiss adds more intimacy and strengthens the bond.
- Kiss from another angle .. remember the Spider man kiss !!
- Kiss on the unexpected place… , nose ,, ear lobe.. eyelids.. back of the neck.. let ur imagination take control

- avoid banging of teeth
- making faces , try to talk out if something u did not liked..
- dry lips ..makes no good kiss
- avoid biting.. it may hurt or your partners lips may swell.. let the pressure be just right..
- avoid distractions .. like looking somewhere else while kissing
- too much of saliva ..learn the technique of swallowing with each deep breath ..

many more guides on the NET for those interested

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The earth shooked..

heart beat raced .. is mumbai waiting for the worst ..
thousand thoughts raced in those few seconds...
and then the earth was silent again !!

read more abt it.. still there is
no official news
as when I write this BLOG

Mumbai Earth Quake 14th June

H00gie's tantrumns ...:

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