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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Are you ready to sacrifice ?

Sounds weird right ??
but when confronted with the question .. anyone who is in luv would boldly say .."Yeah on my life.. across my heart .." kindly note that I am NOT trying to doubt any of those feelings..
But any relationship is based on sacrifice... it takes lot of courage and will to accept it. It sounds easy .. for 2 days ...but when you come down to reality ..the sacrifice is for life ..this makes one rethink..
Will you be able to covert into vegetarian ? A simple question.. with many complicated answers...I have been brought up eating egg , Fish & chicken..Many of my non-veggie friends would agree with me ..these are delicacies.

Why I write it cause, these are the small issues, which can become major issues when you walk down the corridor of long lasting relationships. Well I have many veggie friends and they nor me had any problems. But when it comes to ur life partner… there u have to be clear about ur choices and mark clearly what each of the partners ready to sacrifice.

Being an Indian I believe in it staying close to each other. Nuclear family is not an welcomed choice. So what happens then .. ur parents have to accept someone who is a lill different.. and then comes the important portion.. the kitchen. That’s where the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law have to come to a consent soon. The peace lies in each other accepting and understanding. To accept & adjust requires lots of courage ..!!

May be it’s not such a big issue .. but hey cannot be ignored..

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Everything in life is Replaceable

Sometimes things are not moving in the direction you want to. Our security group , in my current co., was very promising and strong when I joined. There were times when the focus would be a lill skewed.. but there was a team...dedicated.. talented and strong.
Feeling really sad , as this talent was not used effectively to deliver .. or achive greater heights.
The dirty politics and lack of management are to be blamed....
Well enough of the BLAME game...

Bottom line is: "There has to be certain steps to be taken now...cause damage is already done."

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