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Friday, March 18, 2005

INDIA today

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A funny cartoon ;)

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H00gie's tantrumns ...:

Blame it on AIRTEL

You must have cursed ur Cell phone services provider .. many a times .. if u r an avarage user of "cell" phone ..
Cell phone have become an extension of our human society ..
but at a definate cost .. hey ..who worries abt money .. do I say that ?
I am not complaining abt the cost .. but abt the service .. It service would FAIL when you really want the service to be work.
Why did u keep ur cell phone "switched off".. I was asked !... Areeh yaar .. it's the Signal which was weak.. ..I do often complain .. the same thing then.
to to solve the problem , I usually have to keep the cell phone at particular corner of my house..hello .. this is suppose to be an cell phone .. and not Corner Phone !
Hope Airtel .. chooses to UPGRADE their infrastructure ..
And I don't miss a single Call then.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Last two days have been real tough !!
anyways .. we will get through it... there are though times in everyone's life.

when u have no other way ... only hope remains is the faith.. Faith in god.. faith in yourself.

Hope god gives us the courage to go through this situation.

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GOD is calling

Humm.. people who know me ,, would crib on this statement ..which I make..
"When you are suppose to meet god , GOD calls you."

I use to always , wonder why people want to visit a temple, church or masjid.
I am not a temple worship follower ...

But i use to always think .. people visit GOD's place when they are in trouble, when they are sad...but never when they are happy.

I have to visit .. I feel it ..
I knw it.
GOD has called. said by a fellow traveller once.. "One should be a god loving person and not god fearing person."

god bless !

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

though decision..

after reading yesterday's article .. somehow it gave me support..
the decision to build our relationship futher was the right one.

to fight with odds is the part and parcel for the people falling in luv...

luv .. what is luv..
I can understand that.. marraige is a commitment !
wht is luv ? .. philosophically it means many things ..
But for me luv is a feeling which u experience .. but it has to be conveyed..

there would be a thousand critics at this present .. to talk against luv ! i don;t care abt them.... either its everything or its nothing !

miss X and me ...really like each other ..we want this relation to work further .. basically we luv each other... there are many odds.. but I knw we will face them.

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