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Saturday, March 12, 2005

how am i today ?

feeling like a rolling pin..
my stomach has shrinked... the brain nerves have streched to their limits.. the eyes are drowsy !!
ears are blocked ...I can also hear the thumping sound of my heart.

as read today morning on blog shared by my friend (arzoon), Shooba de a famouse critic and writer .. pens down some practical points on luv marraiges.

read about it more's blog

luv is commitment

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Friday, March 11, 2005

office office

my tanttrums ..

me and my collegue were discussing about how and where is our project is heading to. During the discussion casually I popped up with a complaint. "I am not happy".. all this is not good for me..
once , said I clarrified what I really meant. It didnot mean that the project on which I am wrking is not worth it.. If not then what am I been paid for. It's the way things were been dragged. Later in the evening it became evident(in teh client meeting) that the delay was unavoidable. Though I knew about this earlier .. i took it as an excuse..
The real reason then burped out.. See dost (friend)..I would be getting married soon .. this is the only chance for me to earn money. An onsite trip would really help. I am desperately looking out for such option. Cause these are the 2-5 years of my life which I can sacrifice for a better living.
Though he is the project manager for our project , he was taken aback .. but assured me that .. Yes, I knw there is a delay ...everyone gets a chance..he even tried to justify .. that he himself.. x , y & z also got chance to go abroad after they had completed more than a year !!
everyone joins patni for the same reason and even patni wants to push them out to clients location cause they earn more money out of it.

Much depends on the annual appraisal ....which is due next week !

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Where there is a Will there is a way ...

Love is blind ..
Love makes you walk on the thin line of right & wrong
Love changes you permantely
Love leaves it's marks with you forever
Love makes you belive that you can fly
everything is fair in LOVE.

just a few random thoughts
written from my heart .. ;)

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Monday, March 07, 2005


“A” loves “B” … “C” loves “B” .. so in mathematical hypothesis it would mean “A” loves “C” …
funny .. very funny .. but it makes me smile in imagining the funny picture , wherein “A” & “C” are both males. Rather it’s disgusting (if taken a literal meaning)

Life is a like an ice-cream … never wait for it to melt.. it moves on.. u have to take the pickings fast.
On a philosophical level it sounds good.. makes u smile.. but practically when your turn comes, it hurts a lot.
I have no regrets, maybe it’s my upbringing that makes me think like this..
It was soooooooo close that I came to find the right person…. But …as they say “Man proposes GOD disposes”.

For those who are still wondering what’s this all about…. I would simply say “Some things are better not known.. cause they really cannot harm you in why worry?”

Keeping the filmy funda aside.. I have decided to rather concentrate on my career and studies.. and not “fall” in for anyone for sometime…

Till the cupid gods have their way .. I shall so long wait for the one person who would be their with me for eternity..


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Sunday, March 06, 2005

old friends die HARD

u grow up .. ur childhood friends also grow up with you. You learn many things from life and people around u.
U learm few harsh lessons of life, human beings and society where u live in.

friendship , is a very special thing. I am lucky enough to have a few whom I can call friend. But what is freindship and should u be friends .. is not what I am going to bore u with..

but going to list down a few friends of mine randomly ...

:P please don't be angry if I have missed u .. cause u must be in the special list :)

"Vh" - one of the oldest pals .. who has remained to be my friend,.,, through all the good and bad times.. has been always there to have an ear and help me out when in need. I am lucky to have a friend like him. Nature wise we are opposites.. while i am a lill emotional , he has a very practical approach towards life.

"Hm" - we meet each other during my studies @ APTECH computer educutaion, thats quite a long tie back.. and truely became nice friends. I was always worried of him as he was epilictic and prayed for his well being. It has improved drastically and now even he is a father of a sweet lill boy. he has a lovely wife "R", who is very loving and caring by nature.

"Rg" - we meet a few years back during my college days. we hardly knew each other. time moved on .... it was only after many years we meet again. She was in distress.. and it hurt me .. that my friend was suffering. But she fought hard.. it has paid well.. She has been an inspiration in my life to face tough situation. But suddenly our chemistry match (they say "it clicks") . I think I have got a soft corner for her .. but don;t knw yet frm her .. it's a tough thing to accept...but whtever happens would be for the best.

"Ap" - a very nice guy frm heart.. meet him nearly 2 years back and soon we were good pals.. I wish him best for his future for he has recently joined a new company. I knw this guy has talents, only he needs proper nuturing and guidance. keep it rolling pal.

"Tr" - age makes no difference .. I have found a friend for my life. Yes, one doesnot need to meet everyday.. nor does have to share gifts or coffee.. BUt Sir (my mentor) has been a constant support for me , throughout my life and will be always.

Many more to add ...

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