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Monday, November 07, 2005

American Dream .....OR
Laundry Diary – Part 1
Penning down my thoughts from the laundry – part 1 ..
Its November 2005 …. Quite a lazy Sunday ..thas how I like Sunday to be. Lazy .. !
But had to make myself ready for the next week hence had to rush to the laundry .

In this quite town .. another day goes more day of my life …
So big deal why worry .. its not worry ..just wanted to share with u some thoughts about the American Dream.. which one way or the other many people try to pursue in life..
I would rather rename the TOPIC as not American Dream .. TO ..How u dream to spent ur life…

One should have your own house. A self sufficient house. A small garden ..with a car park. Nice living room with lots of luxuries.
A near to perfect Kitchen.. why near to perfect kitchen .. because I feel even if men learn to cook ..its a area which Women still dominate. Rather they have a better taste as to why and wht should be there in the kitchen. Hence Near To Perfect Kitchen.
Then comes to your Bed rooms…
IN American Dream u have ur Master bed room .. while in my dream .. there is a room for everyone..
My Mom ..Dad
My Granny
My Uncle
My Sister & family
1 Guest Room..
And Ofcourse 1 Room for me and myself
All room are self sufficient by design and facilities.

A storage and Attic for all the EXTRA luggage which u have.. ask me about extra luggage in the house. In our existing house we had luggage from 3 houses.

The car .. Yes , the mans second or rather sometimes the First love. I would rather say there should be many different cars u should own .. one which suites ur mood and need.
For Family and grocery pickup --- A small truck.
For Functions and Important engagements – A luxury limousine
For ur self – a sports car
Another mid size car for ur office
These are minimum needs put…. Pls use ur imagination further to enhance it..

Wait a sec …..we are just talking about material things here .. I know .. let me complete the bare or above the bare necessities ..
What else you want ..
In American dream .. do they live in a family closely bounded.
I doubt it.. but rather pls take it as my personal view and not a generic view. I feel Americans are self centric people. They like to put in their thoughts and express it well .. but when it comes to family values .. it revolves only around “I”
Wht I feel they pursue the overall …American dream as I tried to describe ..
But whts wrong in it.. IMHO ..nothing ..
How different are we Indians … we are slightly different for the behaviour but hey …we still approach the life the same..
If not I would not be here ..
Wht I tried to explain earlier has more to it in America life .. covers many other aspects.. their right to live happily ..
More happily …
But whts lost when trying to gain that .. can we mark ..
I would rather keep the debate open .. as I consolidate my thoughts further …

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