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Monday, October 31, 2005


I have been tagged along by one of my old pals.

Seven things I plan to do:
These are the things which I would plan , plan and I am still planning …
1. I plan to learn swimming ..*yep* I don't know swimming yet .
2. I have always being a bad cook and I am .. yes I am planning to become a better cook..than starve in hunger.
3. I plan to visti swizerland one day . don’t know whts tfascinationion about .. even after seeing nearly all corners in so many hindi (bollywood) movies.
4. I plan to write on my blog everyday ..but miserably fail.
5. I plan to workout each day and after promising many of my friends..still end up just planning.. *damn* I have gained a few pounds already.
6. I plan to finish up the latest novel which I am reading “Omerta”
7. I plan to get my driving license herIllinoisonois. (I have to.. I am right now kindependentndant)

Seven things I can do:
1. I can take good photographs..
2. I can talk with my luv the whole day .. I wonder How ?
3. I can cook Basic Food.
4. I can be trust worthy.
5. I can watch english movies in a marathon way.. yet have to do it in a theatre.. have done it at home.
6. I can jog for many miles .. use to jog upto 6 kms everyday. (took part in mumbai hald marathon)
7. I can be a pain in shopping , cause I take a long time in deciding when it comes to my shopping.

Seven things I can't do:
1. I cannot lie , it may be a positive or negative point
2. I cannot remember names easily .. I am working over it.
3. I can't sing
4. I can't cook (thas a lie..i guess so)
5. I cannot withstand politics at office or place of work.. (which I have learnt to accept or rather ignore)
6. I still can't swim (some emphasis over it)
7. I still can't drive .. never drove a car on road..*needs immediate plan of action*

Seven things I say most often:
1. Stup1d
2. damn
3. ok
4. yeah , I know, But …..
5. yes, I agree
6. luv u (recently promoted .. have started using it very often)
7. miss u .. (this has been use ever since I have come here so far from my wife)

Seven people I want to tag:
1. m00nie
2. nupur gupta
3. K00kie
4. Valentino
5. Sandeep
6. Sangeeta

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