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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Feeling much better today ,republished one of my earlier posts .... see below~

Rains look like have dried from mumbai ~

Rain Rain come again , yes today , and another day.

H00gie's tantrumns ...:

17 Comments for H00gie:

  • Ya true...after raining so heavily for a week or so now its so dry and humid...

    By Blogger PuNeEt, at 7:52 PM  

  • yes, I wish to dash out somewhere in the ghats over the weekend.
    esp. Matheran, wher it would rain the whole day !

    By Blogger Hagrid, at 8:52 PM  

  • Gosh u guys r longing for Rain n here I am wishing it was hot hot Summer :) Sydney is mega cold these days (avg 1-5C)and raining heavily...the other day I nearly flew with my umbrella lol!

    ~~Winter Winter go away, come again another day~~


    By Blogger Keshi, at 8:44 AM  

  • lol@ Keshi. ~~Winter Winter go away, come again another day~~ :):)

    Mumbai is always like this only, few days it rains cats & dogs & no rain for some more days.

    By Blogger Boldnbeautiful, at 2:42 PM  

  • @keshi -- *s* it's a nursery class today ! yeah , I luv cold.. esp winters...

    @b&b -- thanks .. yes, I wish I could make those small paper boats ...I use to stare at them when I was a small kid from my window.. and how the small paper boat use to travel around the house. in the swirling rain water..

    By Blogger Hagrid, at 5:45 PM  

  • I hate when it rains in winters!


    By Blogger Nupur, at 2:32 PM  

  • rain rain come again, yes today, and another day
    little hagrid wants to play,
    rain rain cme today.

    By Blogger vaIentino, at 4:41 PM  

  • Valentino
    Kuch bhi :)

    I dont like rains anyway...pray tht it doesnt rain for whole of next week. I would never appreciate to travel for 40+ mins from air port to home in rain. Grrrrr....

    By Blogger Arz000n, at 5:19 PM  

  • hagriddddddd its rainig rite now...naah not as well call it a drizzle ;)

    n z00n since whn did u start this grrrrrrr thing????...damn sebia ..shes the one whos got everyone addicted...grrrr

    By Blogger musings (m000nie), at 1:31 PM  

  • Yeah...she gave me that addiction. Btw, where is she nowadays?

    By Blogger Arz000n, at 6:21 PM  

  • shes off blogging n chatting..i guess on a net upwaas ;)...n on a vacation i guess

    oh hagrid by the way...i love matherannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...whn i was in college we used to trek there a lot...whoa those were the dayssssss...

    By Blogger musings (m000nie), at 11:51 PM  

  • I hate summers!!! monsoon is alwaaaays welcome

    By Blogger Sangeeta, at 7:34 PM  

  • ok Hagrid dun be a snob now, fedex a new post plz :)


    By Blogger Keshi, at 9:23 AM  

  • can we have a new post????????? rains bak n will go away soon hagrid.... or well r u busy with harry potter??? ;)

    By Blogger musings (m000nie), at 3:51 PM  

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    If its not raining in Mumbai then where have the rains gone???

    By Anonymous Anz, at 2:01 AM  

  • hello dear... WHERE ARE U...


    By Blogger PuNeEt, at 6:29 PM  

  • @ u will hear frm me soon .. !!

    By Blogger Hagrid, at 3:22 PM  

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