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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The earth shooked..

heart beat raced .. is mumbai waiting for the worst ..
thousand thoughts raced in those few seconds...
and then the earth was silent again !!

read more abt it.. still there is
no official news
as when I write this BLOG

Mumbai Earth Quake 14th June

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  • Hello...

    A dynamic header for the blog.. thats impressive!

    BTW, i revolt against being tagged as CRIBBO (ur comment in my blog)! :( Well the blog is the only space where I can vent out the agonies of lonely moments... hence such posts...

    Otherwise am as cheerful as all other ;) :):)

    Happy blogging.. :)

    By Blogger Ayn Zoya, at 12:32 PM  

  • Hey ayn,
    never wanted to tag u along with any Adjective....
    so *peace*.. thanks for droping by ~~
    have read ur blogs .. earlier and will keep on reading them...

    By Blogger Hagrid, at 6:16 PM  

  • Peace I say too :D

    Was just kidding.. :)

    By Blogger Ayn Zoya, at 1:45 PM  

  • Was that earth quake in Mumbai or in the comment section of this post ;)

    Peace guys!!

    Btw, mumbai is shaking haan...maybe coz I left on weekend na....thts y...hehehe

    By Blogger Arz000n, at 5:00 PM  

  • yaar, 3.7 richter cant be considered a quake....japan experiences such shakes almost everyday.

    By Blogger Anbu, at 5:45 PM  

  • Earthquake in mumbai was in thane area. I have not realised it in worli, until I read in newspaper.

    By Blogger Boldnbeautiful, at 5:26 PM  

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