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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What Are You Doing With Your Life
excerpts are from the book What Are You Doing With Your Life

I am grateful to TR whom once exposed me to the teachings of JK, it has helped alot, in understanding answers to the questions which each one of us may have come accross sometime in our life.

We Do Not Love; We Crave to Be Loved -->

But how we struggle against this revelation! The struggle takes many forms: dominance or subservience, fear or hope, jealousy or acceptance, and so and on. The difficulty is that we do not love; and if we do love we want it to function in a particular way, we do not give it freedom. We love with our minds and not with our hearts. Mind can modify itself, but love cannot. Mind can make itself invulnerable, but love cannot; mind can always withdraw, be exclusive, become personal or impersonal. Love is not to be compared and hedged about. Our difficulty lies in that which we call love, which is really of the mind. We fill our hearts with the things of the mind and so keep our hearts ever empty and expectant. It is the mind that clings, that is envious, that holds and destroys. Our life is dominated by the physical centers and by the mind. We do not love and let it alone, but crave to be loved; we give in order to receive, which is the generosity of the mind and not of the heart. The mind is ever seeking certainty, security; and can love be made certain by the mind? Can the mind, whose very essence is of time, catch love, which is its own eternity? But even the love of the heart has its own tricks; for we have so corrupted our heart that it is hesitant and confused. It is this that makes life so painful and wearisome. One moment we think we have love, and the next it is lost. There comes an imponderable strength, not of the mind, whose sources may not be fathomed. This strength is again destroyed by the mind; for in this battle the mind seems invariably to be the victor. This conflict within ourselves is not to be resolved by the cunning mind or by the hesitant heart. There is no means, no way to bring this conflict to an end. The very search for a means is another urge of the mind to be the master, to put away conflict in order to be peaceful, to have love, to become something.

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  • Hi Harshul,
    Wow.. thats some hi funda stuff. :)
    seriously, what you said is true Harshul. Most dont love from their hearts, and they have so many expectations and restrictions to go with it..... :(
    And many of us love to be loved and fail to shower love as much as we want it from others....

    By Blogger Kishna, at 7:48 PM  

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