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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

do you belive in spiritualism ..? who me ....?

I am not a temple worshiper. Let me be very clear @ start that I am not a Atheist ("Nastik")
I have been brought up in a house where religion & religious practices were never imposed. My parents are religious and even my grand parents are, but the freedom of whether we want to practice it was given to us.
Satellite invasion, Television & Internet boom has made our generation to look towards the WEST. So what has gone wrong? Do the WEST is to be blamed for our ignorance of the divine knowledge which our ancestors had. Not really. I am not going to debate here as why, where did we loose the touch with our spiritualism. But you may argue.. I go to temple every XYZ day & I worship PQR * I am a hard-core 'bhakt' (follower) of ABC.
How does it helps ? when you don’t know why you follow such rituals. When you don’t understand your own existence.
This journey is to find a few more questions to enlighten the way towards our inner-self.

H00gie's tantrumns ...:

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  • I would recommend the following books to you, as you know lately I have been reading a lot, so quickly these things popped up in my mind:
    1. Spiritualism for DUMMIES
    2. How to believe in spiritualism in just 21 days
    3. To be or not to be Spiritual.
    4. 101.5 tried and tested methods of being spiritual.

    Am I weird or its the lack of proper sleep shrinking my already tiny brain?

    By Blogger Arz000n, at 1:57 PM  

  • good ones Dood !

    By Blogger Hagrid, at 3:16 PM  

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