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Friday, March 11, 2005

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my tanttrums ..

me and my collegue were discussing about how and where is our project is heading to. During the discussion casually I popped up with a complaint. "I am not happy".. all this is not good for me..
once , said I clarrified what I really meant. It didnot mean that the project on which I am wrking is not worth it.. If not then what am I been paid for. It's the way things were been dragged. Later in the evening it became evident(in teh client meeting) that the delay was unavoidable. Though I knew about this earlier .. i took it as an excuse..
The real reason then burped out.. See dost (friend)..I would be getting married soon .. this is the only chance for me to earn money. An onsite trip would really help. I am desperately looking out for such option. Cause these are the 2-5 years of my life which I can sacrifice for a better living.
Though he is the project manager for our project , he was taken aback .. but assured me that .. Yes, I knw there is a delay ...everyone gets a chance..he even tried to justify .. that he himself.. x , y & z also got chance to go abroad after they had completed more than a year !!
everyone joins patni for the same reason and even patni wants to push them out to clients location cause they earn more money out of it.

Much depends on the annual appraisal ....which is due next week !

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