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Monday, March 07, 2005


“A” loves “B” … “C” loves “B” .. so in mathematical hypothesis it would mean “A” loves “C” …
funny .. very funny .. but it makes me smile in imagining the funny picture , wherein “A” & “C” are both males. Rather it’s disgusting (if taken a literal meaning)

Life is a like an ice-cream … never wait for it to melt.. it moves on.. u have to take the pickings fast.
On a philosophical level it sounds good.. makes u smile.. but practically when your turn comes, it hurts a lot.
I have no regrets, maybe it’s my upbringing that makes me think like this..
It was soooooooo close that I came to find the right person…. But …as they say “Man proposes GOD disposes”.

For those who are still wondering what’s this all about…. I would simply say “Some things are better not known.. cause they really cannot harm you in why worry?”

Keeping the filmy funda aside.. I have decided to rather concentrate on my career and studies.. and not “fall” in for anyone for sometime…

Till the cupid gods have their way .. I shall so long wait for the one person who would be their with me for eternity..


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