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Friday, March 18, 2005

Blame it on AIRTEL

You must have cursed ur Cell phone services provider .. many a times .. if u r an avarage user of "cell" phone ..
Cell phone have become an extension of our human society ..
but at a definate cost .. hey ..who worries abt money .. do I say that ?
I am not complaining abt the cost .. but abt the service .. It service would FAIL when you really want the service to be work.
Why did u keep ur cell phone "switched off".. I was asked !... Areeh yaar .. it's the Signal which was weak.. ..I do often complain .. the same thing then.
to to solve the problem , I usually have to keep the cell phone at particular corner of my house..hello .. this is suppose to be an cell phone .. and not Corner Phone !
Hope Airtel .. chooses to UPGRADE their infrastructure ..
And I don't miss a single Call then.

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