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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mumbai locals, yes please

it's early morning , thought I missed the company bus. But I see some familiar faces standing nearby , On yes they are from patni. After enquiring found out that Bus had not left.
10 min .. 15 min.. .no sign for bus, hence a few of us head out to Mumbai Central , the closest station. local transportation (local trains) dah best.
Made these new friends, who work with others SBU's and had an interesting talk.
All agreed on one thing , noting like mumbai transportation.
Experiences in pune , were quite tiresome, cause there is no single way to reach a particular destination. Catch a bus here .. then change it at this destination , catch another bus .. *phew* it was an exercise..
Yeah , I have not lost track .. I am going to talk about "MAMO".. wonder why local trains were called that ..maybe because people wait for hours between each train.
mumbaikar is not used waiting for so long on a railway platform..

how do you recognise a mumbaikar ? a question was asked ..
well as soon as the railway station is near , he will start running ;)

I as all mumbaikar is greatful for the public transport , let it be the BEST buses or local trains.
Mumbai transport DAH Best!

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  • d00d, remember how we used to travel from Vishrantwadi to bhosari on saturdays?? boy that was an adventure in itself :)
    agree...mumbai is da BEST..

    By Blogger Arz000n, at 10:30 AM  

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