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Friday, February 11, 2005

feeling the momentum .. it;s happening .. I have comeout of the BLOGGING BLOCK ;)
life has become busy ..
atleast for now ..
got my MBA classes going.. back on track .. job has been on and off intersting..
as shared by one my collegues Arjun, security industry in india, sucks. Hey, its my opinion, many would say WTF are you talking.. i luv my job in IS.
anyways , not going to brush over the ideal debate .. do u luv ur JOB ;).. secondly would like to make my blog sound a lill more personal.

life has been fast moving since I left chennai..

Pune was fine.. tough i was away frm my family and luved travelling to and fro over the mumbai express highway . It was not happening. Found pune a lill slow paced.

happy now to be back at home.

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