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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Falling in luv OR Falling out of luv

yeah , not a very interesting topic for many people..
lately had a very itersting discussion with one of my friends and during that hot debate , we concluded many things ..(so all are experts in luv)
well in IMHO , true luv exists , it exists beyond any expectations, its falwless. Blood relations donot make a person to luv. It's is developed over the period of time. Faith, trust and commitment forms the base of any relationship.

"Why should you luv someone so much , when you know that the person can hurt !" I was asked the question. I am no great philospher like J Krishnamurti.
but it's foolish ebuff I feel to persue such relationship.
from my little experience in life I knw that for a mother , the luv for her child is beyond comparison. But now here we are talking abt a different point u might say ..its blood realation , u say. But when it comes to the motherly luv, its the same for any adopted child.

Coming back to the point about love relationship for finding partners, it;s a natural human phenomenon, i say. (i believe also the researchers believe the same) so its very wrong fto say "It's stupid to fall in luv or be luved ". The question here is how do u knw wheher ur relationship would be a successful or not .. in luvers case it might be they gettig married. Yes , luv is beyond such social obligations.. it's seamless.. there are no expectations .. it's just abt giving up everything for Luv.

Yes, for all those young friends of mine.. it's easy to crib abt lot of things.. here is something postive thought....
Often we stand at the life's CrossRoad & view what we think is the end. But then a true friend of yours comes and tell u "Relax my friend , It's just a BEND and not the END"

until nxt time.
cheerio.. happy slogging.

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  • I think we had a huge debate on this topic while u were in Pune...Im still the same...I told u that time too...y I need to spend so much time on this relationship? will it be worth spending time? n money? Wht happend at the end? she left me right...she left me alone like I was no she is total stranger to me...u r the witness to it right frm the start...

    LUV HURTS....thts the bottom line

    By Blogger Arz000n, at 12:14 PM  

  • NO GAIN without PAIN

    By Blogger Hagrid, at 1:14 PM  

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