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Saturday, February 19, 2005

embarassing moments

it was was a lonely day yesterday and while on my way home, was thinking about the plans for the next day. Yeah , thats when a female co-collegue (whom I donot knw) came and sat besides me.
the journey is quite tiresome , lucky that Patni has provided us with Buses.

the funny part, its natural to fall asleep after a long tiring day..
while on the high way suddenly felt someone sleeping on my shoulders.
firstly thought I might be dreaming, then it came to my notice, that the lady who was sitting besides me , was fast asleep , resting her head on my shoulders.
I really didnot wanted to distrurb her and wake her up , but it was quite embarrasing as the whole BUS was full.

suddenly after the long embarrasing trip of 30 min.. as the bus hit the city traffic , she was woken and after a dazzed smile *he he * everything was forgotten.

maan hell of a ride... damn sure such incidents must have happened in your life too.

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