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Saturday, February 12, 2005


I am feed up of being shown a carrot everyone now and then..
though have got used to it .. before u get any ideas , let me clarify .. these are false promises given and taken in everydays life. for example @ our office..
our project manager, calls me up and says "guy, process papers and get your visa stamped".... wonder which country was he talking abt.. even he might not know
I thought , well the project which was talked abt for the canadian client.. umm .. to my surprise the VISA stamping was for US *********$#%$^%$^%$^%$^%$*&*&(* !

on top of it he(my PM) mentions "the project which you are assigned , don;t worry abt it.. we will find someone else.. just start preparing for this assignment."

well .. all that you read above is history morning , he visits our office.. damn!'s weekend and I don;t know why I am in office. Was requested for the recruitment drive (19 candidates.. 10 people for taking interviews *LOL*)
so to that he says ....well harshul, your project has already started.. frm monday .. you have to visit your TTC (new bombay) office. ...
Do send me the PC conf., also will talk to HR, prepare your transfer papers..bla blah blah....

DUh! wht on earth is happening .. where is the communication .. do we live on primitive land.. He even didn't knew the names of the people on project.

Then comes our friend (i call everyone from HR our friend) , rajan, who is a sweet guy, but dipped and drowned in the red tappism of our organisation.
Harshul, what's your opinion, for other projects than in "Security"..
WTF....i said in my mind..
You would be of project leader kind off.. blah blah ...

well ... such stories are everydays nuisance.

Wonder wht's keeping me here ... may be my own commitments.

Speaking of carrots .. it's a common trend used by Managers when they see no other way , like an employee is leaving ..
The biggest carrot of all, shown by my former employee.. when I put down my papers..
Harshul, what;s worrying you , it's the pay (ha ha ha ..u got it right )..or is it the wrking place..why not u work frm home (it's US style).. I will pay your internet charges, we will provide you laptop.. also fly you down whenever needed...
God .. how many lies can be told in one go !
though I understood his desperation.. it's was enuff for me.

till I get another carrot ..


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