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Friday, February 25, 2005

boring hours
the clock is ticking ....
the time is singing ....
I no in mood for a rock song...!

the life stands still..
under the hot sultery fan of this cyber cafe ...
dmn it's hot n stuffy .. but I have no choice ,,
have to wait for another 1.5 hour , cause no BUS to go back home ??

I am in Pune right now ..
had to visit the office in pune for the act of RED tappism ..HANDover of activities frm my ex-collegue !
waste of time .. to be frank .. but I knw its imp ..
anyways .. hogged in the restaurent rearby !

tick tick rick .. clock sems to crawl by ..
damn .. checked my inbox ,, 100th time ..
on top of it .. chatting with my pal sitting accross 2 tables ..
damn ,, its such a waste of technology ..
two machines in the same talking to each other .. via internet .. !

*he he he*

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  • if ur reading comments for this a sloppy waste of time which we had done ..
    then you should also read what my close friend "ARZOON" had to say , who was with me in the cafe ..

    By Blogger Hagrid, at 5:56 PM  

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