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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Science is about knowing what and how things work ?
Just wanted to comment on how science is helping human race to facilitate various activities. We have seen advancements in various fields of science over the centuries of human existence.
To classify science we can divide science into Biological , Technological, psychological, and many more streams.
As we humans understand how things work , the speed of understanding processes in various streams have increased trmendeously.

In technology over the past centuries , communication has proven very important. Due to the invention of tele communication, world has become a smaller space. Without the telephone and internet our world simply cannot function smoothly as of today. Communication which was very vital has become easy . The medium is shrinking insize and the cost cheaper day by day.

Also there has been tremendous study done in the biological field. We today have a better understanding of genes and the smallest ingredients of which we humna being are made up of. Complex surgeries and behaviours are been recognised and researched by many scientists.

But there has not been enough study done on the "psycological" aspect of humans. This area is as grey as always. The questions and answers are vague as centuries before. The study is been done but not at the rapid pace at which it is done in other scientific fields.

When will we able to understand
Whether there is any other life other than us.
How do we reach them

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