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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Had a nice party yesterday night ! Though it was fun and refreshing taking me away from the recent hickups in my career (no salary for 2 months ) . But it makes no excuse for me to not to syudy. I have get to get back on my students groove.

I have worked as a faculty (computer institue) , network engineer, hardware engneer, software programmer, software analyst/ designer, information security analyst , umm ,, so where I am heading next to ?

tha;s a tricky question for me to answer myself !

Ok what are the people doing in software industry today ;
e.g my close cousin, had a break through in one of the industry giants; rather a fresher but now being groomed in various software technologies. when I asked him question , wht kind of project he will be put into?. I was astonished by his answer .. "they will put in whichever project is available , when the time comes."

What kind of projects does the industry has ? Lot of hardcore routine jobs, why I say that.... cause we donot have an approach and strategic training and thiking to develop solutions and softwares.
Top companies who have bagged huge million dollar projects are mere carrying out "elctronics poster job".
I seriously donot mean to offend anybodies feeling , but please bear with me for I will give jsutfication to wht I say.

Infosy , Wipro , TCS , CTS ? ? these giants have a huge man power and lots of big projects , but with all these what can we achieve.. I am not been a pesimist. Well my point is , Yes , we are getting money , over software exports have gone up , but we will never become no. 1 . in the industry with approach.

Having such tremendous talents , why are we not able to produce new innovations ? softwares ? technology break throughs ?

The answer is simple , it depends on the individual mentality. We are not taught from our childhood how to think , how to question ? the need desire to look for new answers. Even our education system ,( bywhich I am able to write what I am wriiting today) , has not been just , wht are we taught ? under which infrastructure... why there is no emphasis on basic important aspects of our daily life. How things work, the system should be more parctical oriented , making students to get acquainted by using those concepts in their life and not by just reading and mugging books.

I wish I had a wish tree ? ? I don;t knw whether wht i wished would help ?

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